Business With Dee

Does "good business beget good business"?


I'm Dee! Welcome to the site!  

Before we get started let me tell you a bit about the site.

 I'm a law student, but I still remember how much I enjoyed science lessons at school, especially coming up with theories. ...


So I came up with a theory and I'd love for you to help me test it.


The theory is: "Good business begets good business".


   I think if I do good business, I'll get good business in return, let's see how it goes

  : )


Look below for information on getting started. 






Getting Started

Okay, so you may have noticed at the top of the sight, there are some links.


They're entitled:

-Dee's Stuff... for sale :)

- Biz With Dee

-Dee's Deen

-Dee's Blog


- 'Bout Dee Biz'


Clicking the individual links will take you to different pages. They are organised in order of importance from left to right so I suggest you start on the left and work your way through :)


Dee's Stuff... for Sale :) is the first tab, just so it's clear that this sight does sell things. Currently products are only available in the UK, and there is a £1 delivery charge 


The "Biz With Dee" tab, is a bit different though, clicking on it will take you back to the home page, but if you hover your mouse over it, it comes up with a list of other pages. Clicking on any of those words in this list will take you to pages directly related to the business.


Please, watch the video, if this is unclear to you :) 


If you have any other questions, visit the "Qs for Dee" page and submit a form. You can find that page by hovering your mouse over "Biz With Dee" and selecting "Qs for Dee".



... in recent Dee-related news

  Dee is...

-back to being busy *sigh*. 

-finished with the Dee-feedback promo, check back for more. 

-busy knitting for those people who gave her constructive feedback on her website.

-happy about how the sites turning out, please become a member. 

-sorry to say that currently products are only available within the UK. 

- excited about the launch date :)